A second public CNG fueling station is slated for Stark County

Source: USGasVehicles.com

Officials with American Natural discussed the company’s plans during a conference on compressed natural gas (CNG) at the Memorial Civic Center. The station is slated to open in 2014 and will offer CNG alongside traditional fuels, such as diesel and gasoline in Stark County, Ohio.

In addition to fuel choices, the station will give customers a chance to buy food that goes beyond the traditional convenience store fare, said CEO Jennifer Pomerantz.

The station’s location will be announced early next year, but it’s planned for the northeast Canton area, said Kevin Krober, American Natural’s senior vice president and head of supply and Utica business development.

American Natural was founded in 2011. It has offices in New York City, Pittsburgh and Nimishillen Township. The company has one operational CNG station and two more in development in Pittsburgh, and there is a good probability that it will build two to three CNG stations in Ohio and three to five in Pennsylvania over the next 18 months, Krober said.

The Canton area offers potential customers, including large business fleets, along with utilities that can supply natural gas, he added. The only other public CNG station in Stark County is at the SARTA garage at 1600 Gateway Blvd. SE.