Strategic Plan

The work of the Ohio Gas Association is performed through its President and select committees. These committees meet on a regular basis or as needed to discuss issues related to the natural gas industry. Special committees are formed as required.

  1. Information Exchange
    1. Foster opportunities for personal interaction between member companies to enhance understanding and cooperation.
    2. Convene committees on a regularly scheduled basis for the purpose of sharing information.
    3. Maintain liaison with other industry organizations. e.g. AGA, IGT, OOGA, etc.
    4. Be recognized as a knowledgeable and reliable source of industry information.
    5. Encourage intra-company communication of Association activities.
  2. Technical Support
    1. Sponsor seminars and conferences to facilitate the latest technologies and information.
    2. Sponsor training to foster employee growth, development and job performance.
    3. Assist members in commenting on technical aspects of changes to industry standards.
    4. Provide uniform position on technical aspects of changes to industry standards.
    5. Provide a forum for producers, pipelines and LDC’s to facilitate technical exchange.
  3. Regulatory Activities
    1. Monitor activities at appropriate agencies, e.g. PUCO, OEPA, etc.
    2. Coordinate member positions on industry issues.
    3. Initiate and maintain contacts at appropriate agencies, e.g. PUCO, OEPA, etc.
    4. Participate in proceedings where appropriate.
    5. Represent members on issues of common interest
  4. Legislative Activities
    1. Monitor legislation which is introduced in the Ohio Assembly and on a national level that pertains to the natural gas industry.
    2. Develop legislation for advancing our industry initiative.
    3. Assist member lobbyists where appropriate.
  5. Promote Customer Satisfaction, Public Safety and Awareness
    1. Promote public safety programs and assist in maintaining high standards for public safety within the natural gas industry.
    2. Encourage and support worker safety programs and activities.
    3. Encourage and support environmental activities.
    4. Promote and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct within member companies and the public.
    5. Encourage, promote and support programs which enhance quality service satisfaction.