Harrison County Community Discusses Potential Pipeline

Source: WTRF 7 Wheeling

A multi-billion dollar pipeline has been proposed to flow through almost every county in the Ohio Valley. The Rover Pipeline Project would be more than 800 miles long when finished but it’s still waiting federal approval. The massive pipeline would pump 3.25 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission held a public meeting Wednesday night in Harrison County, one of communities affected by the potential pipeline. Several people spoke up against the pipeline for a variety of reasons.

“I know that this industry has been known to contaminate water and a lot of that information has been hidden from people,” said Leatra Harper. “I wonder why do we have to hide this information and why do we have to find out the hard way.”

“I know that Nationwide Insurance will not insure land that has hydraulic fracturing because it’s too risky,” said Carolyn Harding. “I wonder what the insurance situation would be for the landowners and farmers.”

Others were in favor of the pipeline due to it’s potential positive impact on the local economy.

“The development of energy resources has been one of the brightest spots in our economy,” said Eric Wright. “We need to keep it going by building this necessary infrastructure. We need this project for our community and the construction industry.”

“Long term the pipeline will provide affordable and reliable gas supplies for electricity, heating and other manufacturing uses right here in Ohio,” said Jimmy Stewart.

The F.E.R.C. will issue an initial report December 18th. Rover hopes to begin construction on the Pipeline by January on 2016 and have fuel moving through it by 2017.