Natural gas price drops for Columbia Gas of Ohio customers

Source: Logan Daily News

LOGAN — The New Year will ring in significantly lower natural gas prices for Columbia Gas of Ohio customers.

More than just the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, as those who purchase natural gas through the company’s Standard Choice Offer (SCO) will pay considerably less for gas this January compared to last January, the company announced Wednesday.

The SCO price for January 2015 bills will be $.46 per Ccf (100 cubic feet), compared to $.57 per Ccf for January 2014. The SCO price is revised each month based on the market price of natural gas and applies only to those customers who purchase their natural gas through Columbia Gas.

Consumer bills should reflect these savings, as the average residential natural gas bill is projected to be $126.60 in January of 2015. That marks a decrease of $9.59 from the January 2014 average projected bill of $136.19.

Production remains near record levels, while a mild start to the 2014-15 winter season and record levels of natural gas in storage have contributed to declining prices.

A comparison with past prices shows what a bargain natural gas is today. Customers purchasing gas from Columbia in January 2006, in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, paid about $1.36/Ccf. By comparison, January 2015 prices are the lowest since a January 2010 rate of $.41/Ccf.

Customers wishing to save even more can take advantage of the company’s energy efficiency programs. Generous rebates are available on setback thermostats and efficient showerheads; customers can order on the web, over the phone or mail in a rebate form. The company also offers comprehensive home energy audits and rebates on recommended improvements such as insulation and air sealing. Complete information is available at