Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Rules in Favor of Gas Natural Inc.’s Ohio Utility on Multiple Issues

CLEVELANDJune 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Gas Natural Inc. (NYSE MKT: EGAS) (the “Company”), a holding company operating local natural gas utilities serving approximately 68,000 customers in four states, announced that the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (“PUCO”) issued an Opinion and Order (“Order”) covering multiple matters in support of Orwell Natural Gas Company (“Orwell“), one of the Company’s Ohio utilities.  The case was against Orwell-Trumbull Pipeline (“OTP”), a pipeline owned by the Company’s former Chairman and CEO.  At issue was a fifteen year agreement that requires natural gas transportation service to be provided by OTP to Orwell on an interruptible, sole-source basis for specified rates that are subject to adjustment every five years.  The agreement was signed in December 2008 at a time when both Orwell and OTP were owned by Richard M. Osborne.  The complete text of the Order is available here:  Orwell v OTP PUCO Order.

Mr. Vincent A. Parisi, Gas Natural’s Vice President and General Counsel, commented, “We are satisfied with achieving some closure of this ongoing regulatory matter, with many issues settled in favor of our Ohio utility and the customers they serve.  Furthermore, this Order evidences another success in our efforts to overcome the legacy of our former Chairman and CEO, Richard M. Osborne.”

The Order, dated June 15, 2016, states the following:

  • Interruptible Service – “It is inappropriate to place Orwell (one of the Company’s Ohio utilities) in the position of providing gas service to its residential customers on an interruptible basis, where the supply could be cut…  The agreement should be modified to direct that OTP provide firm, rather than interruptible service.”
  • Sole-Source Requirement – “It is undeniably true that together, the ‘sole’ source, ‘preferred source,’ or ‘exclusive’ provision of the agreement, and the fifteen year term of the agreement, provide a significant benefit to OTP and impose a significant constraint upon Orwell…  The agreement should be modified to eliminate the requirement for Orwell to only use OTP to transport gas for any of its customers.”
  • Rates – “OTP, Cobra, and any other pipeline companies owned or controlled by Richard Osborne and regulated by the PUCO should file, within 60 days of this Opinion and Order, a rate case application to establish just and reasonable rates including a standard transportation rate for both firm and interruptible service.”
  • Misleading the Staff – “We found that the employee and management relationships and corporate structure of the utility companies owned and controlled by Richard Osborne raised concerns that led to an investigative audit of the gas utilities…  That investigative audit did not include the pipeline companies owned or controlled by Richard Osborne…  Serious issues remain concerning the pipeline companies that Richard Osborne owns and controls, including Cobra and OTP…  We find it appropriate to order the Staff to undertake an investigative audit of all of the pipeline companies owned or controlled by Richard Osborne and their affiliates that are subject to the jurisdiction of the PUCO.”

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