North America’s new natural gas pipeline projects

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Nov 28 (Reuters) – The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Monday granted Rockies Express Pipeline LLC permission to place part of its Zone 3 Capacity Enhancement project in Ohio and Illinois into service.

FERC said Rockies Express could put into service compressor stations at Washington Court House, Columbus, and Chandlersville in Ohio and St. Paul in Indiana.

Rockies Express has said it will request permission to place the rest of its 0.8 billion-cubic-feet-per-day enhancement project into service at a later date. A spokeswoman for the company said the project was on track to enter service by the end of the year.

Tallgrass Energy owns a 75 percent stake in Rockies Express. Phillips 66 owns the other 25 percent.

The following is a list of major pipelines under construction and those that are in the development stage.

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Big Pipelines Under Construction

Company Pipeline State/Province Bcf/d In service date

Tallgrass REX Zone 3 capacity OH, IL 0.80 Dec-16 enhancement

Cheniere Creole Trail 2 LA 0.77 2016

Energy Transfer Comanche Trail TX-Mexico 1.10 Jan-17

Sempra Cameron Pipeline expansion LA 1.54 Q1 2017

Williams Transco – Gulf Trace LA 1.20 Q1 2017

Energy Transfer Trans-Pecos TX-Mexico 1.36 Q1 2017

Williams Transco – Hillabee I AL 0.82 May-17

Spectra/NextEra/Duke Sabal Trail AL, GA, FL 1.00 Jun-17

Neuva Era Impulsora TX-Mexico 0.50 Jun-17

NextEra Florida Southeast FL 0.64 mid 2017

TransCanada – Columbia Gulf – Cameron LA 0.80 Q1 2018 Columbia Access

Southern Star/NextEra Sooner Trails OK, TX 1.40 early 2018

Cheniere Cheniere Corpus Christi TX 2.25 2018

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Big Pipelines Under Development

Company Pipeline State/Province Bcf/d Date

Energy Transfer Panhandle Eastern Backhaul IN, IL, MI, OH 0.75 Q2 2017

Energy Transfer Trunkline Backhaul IL, MS, TN 0.75 Q2 2017

Energy Transfer Rover I/II OH, MI, PA, WV, ON 3.25 Q2/Q4 2017

EQT Midstream Equitrans expansion PA, WV 0.60 Oct-17 Partners

National Fuel Northern Access NY, PA 0.50 Nov-17 Gas/Empire Pipeline

Spectra/DTE Nexus OH, MI, ON 1.50 Nov-17

Spectra TETCO – Texas Eastern OH 0.95 Q4 2017 Appalachian Lease (TEAL)

TransCanada – TCO Leach Xpress OH, WV, PA 1.53 Q4 2017 Columbia

TransCanada – Columbia Rayne Xpress KY 0.62 Q4 2017 Columbia

Williams Transco – Atlantic Sunrise MD, NC, PA, 1.70 H2 2017/mid 2018 SC, VA

Kinder Morgan TGP – Southwest Louisiana LA 0.90 Feb-18 Supply project

Boardwalk Gulf South Coastal Bend TX 1.42 Apr-18 Header

Spectra/Eversource/NG Access Northeast CT, NY, MA, 0.90 Nov-18 G RI

EQT Midstream Mountain Valley Pipeline VA, WV 2.00 Nov-18 Partners/NextEra

Dominion DTI Supply Header PA, WV 1.51 Nov-18

Spectra TETCO – Appalachia to OH, NJ, PA, 1.70 Nov-18 Market (TEAM) WV

Spectra Nueces-Brownsville-Sur de TX-Mexico 2.60 Q4 2018 Texas

TransCanada/Sempra Sur de Texas-Tuxpan TX-Mexico 2.60 Q4 2018 Ienova

TransCanada – TCO – Mountaineer XPress WV 2.70 Q4 2018 Columbia

TransCanada – TCO – Gulf Xpress KY, MS, TN 0.86 Q4 2018 Columbia

TransCanada – Columbia – WB Xpress 1 and VA, WV 1.30 Q4 2018 Columbia 2

Iroquois Wright Interconnect NY 0.65 H2 2018

Williams/Cabot Constitution NY, PA 0.65 H2 2018

UGI/Spectra/Southern/ PennEast NJ, PA 1.11 H2 2018 NJR/SJI/PEG

Dominion/Duke Atlantic Coast NC, VA, WV 1.50 Late 2019

Cheniere Midcontinent Supply Header OK, TX, LA 1.40 2019 (MIDSHIP)

TGP – Tennessee Gas Pipeline

REX – Rockies Express

TCO – Columbia Gas Transmission

Transco – Transcontinental Gas Pipeline

TETCO – Texas Eastern