State report: Shale oil production falls again; natural gas rises

Columbus Dispatch

Dan Gearino

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Ohio oil production continued to suffer in the third quarter, while natural gas production had a small increase according to shale energy figures issued today by the state.

Oil production was 3.95 million barrels, down 18 percent from the prior quarter and down 34 percent from the third quarter last year. Gas production was 361 billion cubic feet, up 8 percent from the prior quarter and up 46 percent from a year ago.

The results, from the Ohio portions of the Utica and Marcellus shale, show that oil production is seeing the effects of low market prices.

Gas production continues to grow despite low prices, largely because energy producers are shifting their resources to areas that are rich with gas, such as Belmont and Monroe counties along the Ohio River.

Sixteen counties reported at least some shale oil production, led by Harrison County.

Seventeen counties had gas production, led by Belmont. Portage County reported some gas production but no oil.

All of the production can be found in a band of counties in the eastern and southeastern parts of the state.

A total of 1,464 shale wells reported some production for the quarter.