Natural gas important to greenhouses

As the holiday season is upon us, everywhere you turn you see beautiful and colorful poinsettias. You might wonder how U.S. growers are able to provide the millions of these tropical flowers needed to decorate this time of year.

Many greenhouses rely on natural gas as a safe, affordable and reliable energy source that keeps our facilities heated and the flowers blooming. Many trucks that deliver the flowers in some parts of Ohio are run on compressed natural gas. And many of the homes, churches and businesses that receive them are heated with natural gas, ensuring these flowers can be enjoyed for weeks (of course, with proper care).

Natural gas is critical to my business and my bottom line. And as a domestic energy source found right here in Ohio, we all benefit from the abundance of this energy source. It is important that Ohioans support this home-grown energy and realize the many ways natural gas touches our lives.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jerry Dill, President

Dill’s Greenhouse