Opinion: Ohio-Made Energy Is Essential to Modern Life

From the hand sanitizer in our bags to the life-changing medicine in our cabinets, and from advanced medical equipment to the Band-Aids in our first-aid kits, natural gas and oil is essential to modern life.

The natural gas and oil Ohio produces does more than heat homes and fuel our cars, as nearly every consumer product we touch is manufactured using these raw materials.

National political discussions are missing the mark. A ban on “fracking,” the technology that is unleashing Ohio’s energy abundance, would wreak havoc on working families, the strength of our state’s economy, our environment, and the manufacturing of the very products we all need.

With Ohio’s position as a key battleground state and a leading producer of American natural gas and oil, residents deserve the facts, data and clear-eyed analysis of the value responsible energy development creates.

America’s surge in energy production has created generational benefits for Ohioans. State data and independent academic research shows that it supports more than 200,000 family sustaining Ohio careers, has saved Ohioans $45 billion in home energy costs since 2011, and has made Ohio a leader in clean air progress.

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