Strategic Plan

Ohio Gas Association Strategic Priorities: All work of the Association and its Committees is built on a foundation of Safety First for the Public, for Customers and for Members’ Employees.

Priority 1:  Public Safety and Customer Satisfaction

  1. Promote and support high standards for public safety in the natural gas industry.
  2. Promote and support comprehensive worker safety programs and activities.
  3. Promote and maintain programs enhancing quality customer service.
  4.   Promote and maintain ethical conduct within and among Members and between Members and the public.

Priority 2:  Education, Outreach and Public Awareness Initiative

  1. Promote and support renewable and sustainable natural gas initiatives and partnership with providers of renewable energy resources.
  2. Promote and support environmentally responsible policies and operations for Members.
  3. Create and deliver positive messaging supporting positions beneficial to the natural gas industry in Members’ communities through traditional and social media.
  4. Proactively address misinformation campaigns that mischaracterize Members individually, collectively or the natural gas industry as a whole unfavorably through positive messaging and “fact-checking.”
  5. Assist Members in maintaining compliance with all applicable public awareness regulations and best practices.

Priority 3: Information Exchange

  1. Expand opportunities between Member Companies to grow mutual understanding and cooperation.
  2. Committees meet on a scheduled basis.
  3. Committee activities include adoption of committee objectives; Committee Chairs meet and communicate pending issues; Subject Matter Experts are included in committee membership and committee meeting minutes are shared with the Membership.
  4. OGA Staff and Committee Chairs maintain liaison with industry counterpart organizations (i.e., AGA, MEA, SGA, OOGA, APGA, API, KGA, and PEA) as appropriate to Association focus.
  5. Serve Members as a trustworthy source of reliable information regarding intrastate transmission and distribution of natural gas in Ohio.
  6. Facilitate timely sharing of information about Association activities within member companies.

Priority 4: Technical Education and Training

  1. Sponsor seminars, conferences, and training programs to share the latest technologies and information germane to Members, to foster personal development, and enhance job performance.
  2. Advocate for statewide Operator Qualification for covered tasks.
  3. Promote uniform positions on proposed technical changes to industry standards.
  4. Assist Members in commenting on technical aspects of changes to industry regulatory requirements and standards.
  5. Provide Members a forum for technical exchange on industry regulatory requirements and standards.

Priority 5:  Regulatory and Legislative Activities

  1.  Track status and advise Members on pending rulemaking and proposed legislation on local, state and federal levels potentially affecting Members on a regular basis.
  2. Participate in pending rulemaking and proposed legislative proceedings on behalf of the Membership as proposed by the Regulatory and Legislative Affairs Committees on issues of common interest.
  3. Initiate and maintain constructive relationships with key contacts in regulatory agencies and offices of elected legislators as appropriate.
  4. Encourage participation in the Ohio Gas Association Federal and State Political Action Committee.