2013 Cyber Security Seminar

Who’s Playing in the Cyber Realm?
Thomas Pearce, Senior Utility Specialist, PUCO and Chair, NARUC Staff Subcommittee on Critical Infrastructure

AGA Perspective on Federal Cybersecurity Legislation/Regulation
Brian Caudill, American Gas Association, Senior Legislative Representative

Economics of Security
Jeff Hughes, President Tenet3

Protective Security Programs
Faith Lawless, Cyber Analyst, Ohio Homeland Security, Strategic Analysis & Information Center

FBI’s Role In Cyber
Special Agent K.C. Bixby, Columbus Resident Agency, Cincinnati Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Homeland Security Perspective: Building and Evaluating Cyber Resilience
Bradford J. Willke, Cyber Security Advisor, Mid-Atlantic Region, Office of Cybersecurity & Communications, Department of Homeland Security

Cyber Security Attendee List

Cyber Security Full Agenda